Incepto has organised a number of high-profile keynotes, our focus for these events is to deliver an extraordinary event experience that guests will not forget and that is strongly associated with the marketing messages of the sponsor.

Our approach is to listen first carefully to what you want to achieve with the event, then we develop an event concept with a keynote speaker that supports your branding message. We then build the event around the speaker.

Our extensive network can be leveraged to attract the audience that best suits your brand and marketing message.

The coding marathons of the past, have since become a bit more structured and appeal now to many corporations, not only in the software development industry, but literally any industry, including government and education. Popularized by flocks of hard-core programmers buried in pizzas, beer and caffeinated soft drinks, Hackathons have now evolved into semi structured corporate innovation events. In addition to the delivery capability of these events, another benefit has emerged particularly for large incumbent organisations, who often struggle to transform their corporate culture into a workplace where highly talented individuals choose to work. Hackathon style events create an environment that is collaborative, infectious and loaded with energy; these are the ingredients for improved employee engagement.

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Our team building and bonding events take place in Sydney Harbour on a 34-foot luxurious sailing yacht. We believe that the physical and challenging experience of collaborating in a confined space in real-life scenario and an unfamiliar environment perfectly simulates the complexity teams are faced with in a business context.

This is a hands-on team event during which the participants experience the power of teamwork, the importance of communication and the effects of intend-based leadership.

It's a misconception that good facilitation requires expert knowledge of the subject matter domain. Elicitation follows a process and demands observative skills and empathic communication to create and environment where subject matter expert collaborate to work towards a shared outcome.