Robotic Process Automation is essentially a sub-category of process improvement and this cannot be understated. Because if you have poorly designed business process, the application of RPA will not fix your problem, instead your 'bot' will just perform the bad process more efficiently which may yield some short-term benefits, but will not result in an effective business process. Ultimately, business processes exist to serve your customers and that's where your RPA journey should start. Analyse your customer journeys and associated customer experiences to identify business process that would deliver unproportional customer benefits if they were automated and operated in a controled environment.

Incepto's RPA practice is here to provide you with the guidance and insight needed to develop and execute a robotic and automation strategy that keeps the customer at the heart and will give you an edge over your competitors. Our independent and unbiased advice will equip your leadership team with the information required to make the right judgment and business decision. We believe that our teach-and-guide approach to process discovery is the most sustainable way to implement change, naturally stakeholders are more engaged when they are part of the solution and not just a solution-user. Lastly, our RPA audit answers the most fundamental questions every business decision maker should ask, is the automation opportunity at hand feasible, viable and desireable.