What can be more rewarding for Software Engineers than making a real difference in people's live? We have seen it over and over again, Robotic Process Automation takes over mundane and repetitive tasks from stressed and overloaded office workers.

We are Incepto and yes, we are obsessed with automation. The inefficiencies that we see day in day out drive us crazy and that's why it is our mission to help organisations to improve their business processes. We use technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver positive business outcomes to our customers. But even the most advanced technologies do not guarantee a sustained success in the automation race, very often it is the business knowledge and the professional experience that make the difference. 

In order to meet the growing demand from our valued customers, we are looking for two Automation Expert Developers to join our team in Sydney. Automation Ninjas are software engineers that share with us the following values, principles and traits:

  • obsession for automation and continuous process improvement
  • relentless focus on providing customers with solutions that deliver positive business impacts
  • expertise in UiPath development, a UiPath Advanced Developer Level 3 certification is an advantage but even more valuable is hands-on experience in delivering automation solutions to customers
  • background in software development, including design principles, development best practices and software testing 
  • interest in advanced automation technologies, such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Document Understanding, Conversational AI, IoT, etc.
  • commitment to continuous learning, which is underpinned by an open mindset and the willingness to share knowledge
  • conscientiousness when it comes to meeting agreed goals and deadlines
  • understanding of standard business processes, common application landscapes, solution architecture and system integration 
  • ability to communicate effectively with technical as well as business audiences
  • readiness to be challenged, which can also mean stepping outside of your comfort zone 

We are fully aware that we set the bar very high for the role of the Automation Ninja, but we also know from own experience, that there is nothing more rewarding than working in a team of people that share similar values, principles and traits. Incepto's most important asset is our people and that is why we won't make compromises when it comes to their wellbeing. As we said already, Automation Ninjas are different, they have special needs and prosper best in certain environments. We acknowledge that every person has individual strength and weaknesses. Collectively, we strive to provide an environment that stimulates individual growth and satisfaction. In this role you would be interacting with customers on-site and off-site to capture requirements, understand the as-is process and of course you would design, build and test the RPA solution.

Working at Incepto means you will have a lot of autonomy, flexibility, learning and most importantly, the satisfaction of shaping the Future-of-Work by using the coolest and most impactful technology that is currently available. 

When you look in the mirror and an Automation Ninja is smiling at you, then send your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Don't bother writing a cover letter. If you are particularly proud of a certain UiPath workflow or project that you have developed, don't hesitate to send us a sample of your work (attach .xaml file(s) or project folder).