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Andrew Worboys

Lead RPA Developer

"I help organisations to combine the best of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to improve workplace experiences, increase productivity and deliver better customer outcomes."

Andrew joined Incepto in 2020 after many years at the University of Newcastle’s IT department, where he was responsible for application deployment and automation of University operations-related processes.

As a Senior RPA Developer at Incepto, Andrew is responsible for a wide range of activities covering the entire automation life cycle from the design and development of automation solutions, to deployment, maintenance and customer support.

Andrew enjoys challenging projects and solution requests from our clients where he can start with identifying and designing a solution by working closely with our clients to the point of successful deployment and production.

Andrew has been in the computer and technology industry since 1994. He studied computer science at University and worked in quality assurance for IT systems for an Australian bank.

After some time in London, focusing on desktop support and applications deployment, he returned to Australia to focus on programming and automation of systems - a combination of skills that enabled him to become an expert in Robotic Process Automation and all aspects of the UiPath Platform.

In addition to his IT and systems background in higher education, Andrew has worked with clients in the banking, insurance, energy, healthcare, accounting and retail sectors. He has become very familiar with their processes and automation potential.

Andrew loves a good challenge, primarily if no obvious automation solutions exist. He is a firm believer in the capability of the UiPath suite as an automation system that covers a wide range of systems integration possibilities with very few limitations on what can be delivered.

Andrews's focus on automation solutions stems from his view that RPA can help organisations free up the time for their employees to focus on more value-add tasks, as automation takes over time-consuming, repetitive and tedious tasks reducing mistakes and increasing quality.

When time allows, Andrew enjoys playing video games and watching movies with the family and is a keen Lego builder. His most recent project was the build of the Star Wars Millennium Falcon with 7500 pieces.

Andrew Worboys
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