Tim Fawcett, Director Corporate and Government Affairs at Cisco


"I had the pleasure of working with Jens on a research project which examined company director and senior executive knowledge of cyber security risks in 2018 as part of Jens' Masters program at University of Technology Sydney. Jens is a very impressive leader who delivered a distinguished and very practical report that Cisco was able to share with our senior executives and our customers and partners. I especially found Jens to be highly organised, adaptable and an outstanding communicator. Jens presented the report to Cisco's senior leadership team who were also very impressed."


Royston Lobo, Customer Success Engineer at MuleSoft


"I have worked and collaborated with Jens in multiple capacities through the MBT and at Suncorp. Jens is a gifted planner and has amassed considerable expertise in delivering extraordinary initiatives. At Suncorp, Jens played a key role in setting up the Automation capability while also shaping the organisational structure that could embrace this new capability. He has changed the way Suncorp operates through his championing of cognitive decision making technology. 

Jens has also been an active contributor to the MBT Community. He has persisted through a challenging Masters program and has made a name for himself in organising exceptional events with a volunteer group of community members. I was a firsthand witness of his leadership ability during the 'Turn the Ship Around' event in 2017 which attracted more than 230 attendees at the Maritime museum in Sydney. 

Jens is a hugely talented individual who is not afraid to take on a challenge and deliver it with excellence. He continues to reinvent himself and pursue goals that inspire those around him. His entrepreneurial nature is an asset to any progressive organisation and I believe Jens wil continue to deliver successfully in any initiative he undertakes."


Tudor Maxwell, Executive Manager: Lean, Automation & Robotics at Suncorp


"I have had the pleasure of working with Jens over the past 6 months. He has the ability to get to the heart of complicated technical and organisational challenges, to communicate those challenges in clear, simple terms to a range of audiences and to mobilise and align team members to implement valuable counter-measures. His combination of personal drive, resourcefulness, technical skills and personable approach make him highly effective in designing and implementing solutions in large organisations. I look forward to working with Jens again in the future."


Ken Dovey, Associate Professor at University of Technology Sydney 


"Jens is an unusually talented entrepreneur. He has strong leadership capabilities, particularly with respect to his capacity to work with, and integrate the work of, other leaders. He is a visionary who combines an understanding of the 'big picture' while simultaneously paying conscientious attention to detail. An intelligent and creative man, Jens' drive for knowledge, and his openness to learning from others, will result in him launching a very successful business in the near future."


Kuldip Singh, Senior Project Manager at AMP Australia

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"I've worked with Jens over a 2 year period during which he spearheaded the design and implementation of AMP's Net Promoter System (NPS). His agility and creative problem solving skills were crucial in delivering this challenging project. For me as the Project Manager, it was extremely important to have someone like Jens, who not only knew the underlying systems intimately but could see the bigger business picture which made him an invaluable partner in communicating with external as well as internal stakeholders. It was a pleasure to have Jens on the team and his contagious "can-do" attitude spread across the team. I believe Jens will be a great asset to any organisation he works with."


Josh Trim, Senior Technical Analyst at AMP Australia

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"I had the pleasure of working with Jens for over two years in AMP's Enterprise Data Intelligence team. Jens is a very experienced and highly regarded IT consultant. He is dedicated, has great attention to detail and if needed thinks outside the box and brings new ideas to the table. I think Jens has a remarkable ability to relate to and influence stakeholders which often was the critical success factor in delivering the project. I've enjoyed working with Jens and can highly recommend him."


Ashwin Kumar, Senior Agile Test Analyst / Technical Test Lead at AMP Australia

Ashwin Kumar

"I had the pleasure to work with Jens in Growth Transformation Program, Claims Platform Upgrade and numerous projects in EDW domain at AMP. Jens was the Senior Business Analyst/ Senior Data Analyst. His clear, detailed and comprehensive documentation of the design made it very easy to for developers to program and Testers to test. Jens has a great deal knowledge in Data Warehouse, Claims and Wealth Management (Advisory) and AMP E2E Integration space. His detailed analysis and data mapping analysis are always well respected in AMP. Jens always has a smile on his face and always made sure that he gives time for any doubts or queries which DEV/TEST team has. Jens is also very flexible, approachable, proactive and adaptable to the fast-changing conditions which made him to deliver success in AMP. I thank Jens for all the support he has provided me over the span of 2-3 years in AMP. Jens is a huge asset to any team."


Franciszek Szczytnicki, Oracle DBA at AMP Australia


"I've got to know Jens as a very determined professional who embraces change and understands to keep stakeholders engaged through all phases of the SDLC. He has an extraordinary and detailed knowledge of Business Analysis best practices. Jens is very proactive and enthusiastic and enjoys achieving goals in a team effort rather than individually, he's a real team player. I'm sure Jens will add great value to any team or organization he is working for."


Emil Simedrea, Management Consultant at Deutsche Bank Luxembourg


"I worked with Jens in several projects in the Asset Management division of Deutsche Bank. I found Jens to be an outstanding IT Project Manager and Business Analyst with a good understanding of technical aspects. Jens’s leadership and organizational skills have lead him to receive laudatory remarks from superiors, peers and subordinates. I have always enjoyed working with Jens on any project that he has control of; the projects are well managed and on-time."


Dominic Dunbar, Project Consultant at Zurich Insurance Ireland

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"While working with him over an 18 month period, I found Jens to be a focussed, knowledgable and highly articulate Project Manager. Jens was in a position where was he not only expected to perform his PM responsibilities but also represented Deutsche Bank as both the Business and the Technical expert, something which is not always easy to do. In no small part due to his knowledge, committment and adaptability, Jens was able to deliver a quality Project successfully and on time and with a minimum of fuss."


Reiner Martin, Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Germany


"Jens has for many years been of central importance for some complex, innovative, and successful retirement product project done for my business unit. He has, on top of his IT responsibilities, gained an impressive mastery of the business aspects of the project. Due to his professionalism and dedication, it has been a pleasurable experience to work with Jens."



Vincent Lacan, Developer at Bnpparibas Canada

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"I have worked the first time with Jens in New York where he impressed me with his technical skills and his proactive way to troubleshoot and solve problems. Later on he became my line manager as which he demonstrated excellent leadership. I have enjoyed very much working with Jens and highly recommend him for any IT related position."



Janos Leier, Senior Business Analyst at AMP Australia

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"I know Jens as a Technical Specialist. He has indeed great understanding of clean data solutions that will serve the organizations for a long time. His friendly and helpful nature is capturing and makes him a great member of any team."




Anh Thi Nguyen, Business Analyst at Bnpparibas Canada

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"When I was a consultant at BNP Paribas Montreal, Jens was my team leader. He was an excellent line manager, he is very focused and an superb communicator and a great leader. Jens maintained the right level of management, whilst keeping an eye on the detail. He has got excellent control over his team, very friendly and always ready to take challenges. It was a pleasure working for Jens, I wish all Team Leader could be like him."


Yannick Simard, IT Consultant at Bnpparibas Canada


"I have worked a year under Jens' leadership. During that period of time, Jens provided excellent leadership, direction and overall management skills. Using these, he successfully ensured communication of key deliverables were understood and had relevant and appropriate "buy in" from all concerned. Jens is remains very calm when pressure rises This demeanor and friendly disposition motivated us to bring our 'A' game."


Amaury Helfer, Developer at Bnpparibas Canada

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"At BNP Paribas Montreal I've worked more than two years in Jens' team. He is an excellent people manager who always looks to grow people within his team through coaching and guidance. His work style is to find solutions to problems instead of declaring what can't be done. Jens knows how to motivate his team to go the extra mile if this is needed. His technical skills, leadership and work ethic made him a good companion to work with."


Adrian Gleeson, Oracle Expert at Bnpparibas Germany


"Jens is very much results-orientated with a can-do attitude. His technical skills were invaluable to our team and we were able to achieve our goals. Jens is a good team player, who brings plenty of positive energy into a team."




Philippe Biremon, Head of IT at Bnpparibas New York


"I hired Jens 9 years ago in New York as an IT engineer to leverage his skills on the BNP Paribas internal ERP software, Atlas 2, he had acquired in his previous position at BNP Paribas Frankfurt. Jens demonstrated very quickly excellent technical and organizational skills. Very committed and full of creativity he soon was promoted project manager and team leader when he moved to our branch in Montreal. Jens has very strong skills at technical design, project management, people management, along with very strong knowledge of the financial industry, particularly in corporate and investment banking. He always seeks how to improve things, how to be more efficient, and finally leads projects to success. I highly recommend Jens."


Edouard Kantorovitch, Senior Developer at Bnpparibas New York


"Jens is a team person with a lot of knowledge, willing to learn and share knowledge. Loyal to company and protective to his team. Honest and respectful. Great to work with."




Michel Samarine, Head of PMO at Bnpparibas New York


"Jens is a very dedicated colleague, joining the IT project team from BNPP Frankfort, Jens brought his in-depth experience of BNPP complex ERP system, his creativity, enthusiasm, rigor and energy spreading on to every team member, ready to overcome anycomplex challenge by sharing his expertise. I will work again with Jens."



Fredy Pasapera, Developer at AMP Australia

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"Jens is very knowledgeable in all aspects of the SDLC and is always willing to share his ideas and experience with other members of the team. He has very good communication skills which enables him to be influential and clear when dealing with his customers at all levels of the organisation. He is very approachable and sociable and willing to help anyone. Great to work with."


Stephen Hodgkinson, Oracle DBA at AMP Australia


"Jens is a team player who takes ownership of complex problems. He is very focused in delivering the best solution but is also always open to new ideas and approaches. Jens professional and fun approach in the work place is an invaluable asset in ensuring the business and IT relationship is strong and successful."



Anna Raftery, Senior Business Analyst at AMP Australia


"I did a handover with Jens as he was leaving AMP and found him to be knowledgable, professional and all round great guy. It's a real shame we couldn't work together for longer. I wish him every success in the future."




Maree Concepcion, Business Analyst at AMP Australia

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"During my short time at AMP, as his colleague, I have known Jens to be a very experienced and knowledgeable Business Analyst. He's well-liked, a great team player and have loads of positive energy. It's been a pleasure working with Jens."




Jason Makins, Senior Consultant at Deloitte Australia


"Jens is an all round professional to work with. Jens and I worked together for about 9 months and his pragmatic approach, commitment to quality and positive working style created a positive and successful working relationship. I would jump at an opportunity to work with Jens again."



Sven Sabel, Director at Deutsche Bank Germany


"Jens is a very professional and competent project manager and knows the banking and AM industry and project management very well. I've worked with Jens on various business and I.T. projects and have always found his ability to deliver on very challenging deadlines to be asset in all aspects of the project cycle. He's also very impressive in understanding the technical element of what his team are delivering and what the requirements by front office quants and structurers are."


Bernard Hamaoui, IT Consultant at Bnpparibas Canada


"I have had the pleasure to work with Jens at BNP Paribas in Montreal. As a team leader Jens has shown strong management skills. He has technical skills that most would envy and he never hesitates to share his knowledge by coaching and guiding his team or even colleagues. Jens is definitely a great asset to any IT team."



Michael Vioreanu, System Admin and DBA at Bnpparibas New York


"Jens is the ultimate, dedicated professional. I had the pleasure of working with him for some 2 years at BNP-Paribas in New York on the Atlas 2 project. His in-depth knowledge of the application made the work a breeze not only for myself, but the rest of the team as well. His willingness to learn and adapt to new things and ideas is refreshing. I am looking forward to some day working with him again."


Jan Stahlenberg, Head of Software Development at Bnpparibas Germany


"I worked with Jens during 4 years at BNP PARIBAS in Saarbrücken and Frankfurt and I have learned Jens to be an extremely skillful, inventive and well organized developer and project manager. He was always eager to learn and looking to improve things further. Jens was a natural leader while staying at the same time an amiable colleague with a lot of humor and positive energy."