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Chief Happiness Officer

"Although my job is very challenging, I love working at Incepto, the environment is great and they have unlimitted supply of treats and peanut butter."

As Chief Happiness Officer at Incepto I am in charge of keeping everyone around me happy and in a good mood. One of my key responsibilities is to bark very loud when I want to go for a walk. At least once a day I go to a conference at the local dog park where I get to interact with other Chief Happiness Officers from the local business district. From my peers I learned that I have to growl a lot and sound very dangerous when the delivery guy walks up to our main door, and that's totally irrespective of my boss being in an important zoom call at that time.

When my boss leaves the office for a short moment it's my top priority to jump up on his desk and press as many keys as possible on his keyboard. I still have development potential in this area because I do not always manage to hit the enter key.

I'm very committed to my duties so that even during my breaks, when I take short naps, I make gentle snoring sounds which require my boss to explain his clients that it is not him who fall asleep during the meeting.

Andrew Worboys
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