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Kanad Mehta

Senior RPA Developer

"I help organisations to combine the best of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation to improve workplace experiences, increase productivity and deliver better customer outcomes."

Kanad is an experienced RPA developer and systems support engineer with 11 years of experience.

He joined Incepto in 2021 after working for almost ten years in the IT department for a German manufacturing company where he focused on customer support, systems development and automation projects. As an RPA developer at Incepto, Kanad works closely with our clients and client teams on identifying automation requirements and developing and deploying these requirements.

As part of our client engagement team, Kanad supports all related change requests and manages the transition into production. He acts as the first point of contact for any maintenance activities once our solutions are deployed and in production.

Kanad enjoys working on developing and showcasing his solutions to our clients. His experience includes industries such as manufacturing, higher education and insurance, where he has closely worked with finance and IT teams, ERP (SAP), payroll, and scholarship systems.

One of Kanad’s favourite projects was the work with the Danone team when a new Salesforce application had to be integrated with the SAP automation side. Kanad is a firm believer in automation tools. These help free up valuable time for human resources to avoid manual data management and are nearly error-free for high repetitive, high volume tasks.

Kanad has continued educating himself with a focus on automation systems and processes and holds an impressive record of UiPath certifications. He likes the vast integration possibilities and range of systems connectivity the UiPath suite offers to developers and clients alike.

When not automating processes for our clients, Kanad loves to wind down by walking his dog and spending time with his family.

Andrew Worboys
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