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Rounak Kumar

RPA Developer

"RPA helps tremendously to reduce repetitive and cumbersome tasks and enables staff to focus on high value activities"

Rounak has recently joined Incepto as a RPA Developer and is focusing on further developing our Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

He joined Incepto specifically because of our flat hierarchy, the great team spirit and the immense learning and development opportunities across different industry domains and organisations. As all our RPA Developers also Rounak holds an UiARD certification.

Rounak has extensive experience in automating processes and developing bots for the health insurance and tax/accounting sector with a strong focus on Web Automation and Excel automation solutions.

At Incepto he will continue to explore and develop our capabilities in the ML and AI arena for our clients.

Rounak’s interest in RPA and developing bots stems from an electronics background where he started out with coding and developing solutions that required deep logical thinking and creative approachs to overcome complex challenges.

He very much enjoys projects that require new ideas of efficient bot development and involve any sort of document understanding technologies.

Rounak sees immense potential in the integration of AI and ML with UiPath solutions and is looking forward to helping our clients in this area.

In his spare time Rounak loves to travel, play table tennis and spend time with friends.

Andrew Worboys
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