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UiPath RPA Developer

Location: Sydney

Job Type

Full Time (Remote)

About the Role

In this role you would be interacting with customers (off-site) to capture requirements, understand the as-is process and of course you would design, build and test the RPA solution. While the main responsibility of this role is to develop robots using UiPath, you will also need to demo, test, deploy and document your solutions.

You would closely collaborate with our other UiPath developers and share your knowledge and ideas. You are also expected to continuously update your skills and knowledge of the ever evolving UiPath Platform.

If you can see yourself in this role and you have 1 - 3 years of experience in developing bots using the UiPath platform, please read the requirements and apply.


This role will suit a passioned and experienced software engineer and/or experienced automation developer looking to grow their careers in Intelligent Automation, while providing their expertise in shaping the future. The successful candidate must share our values, principles and possess the following traits:

- Passion for automation and continuous process improvement
- Relentless focus on providing customers with the best solutions that will generate positive business outcomes
- Expertise in UiPath development, a UiARD certification is an advantage but even more valuable is hands-on experience in delivering automation solutions to customers
- Background in software development, including design principles, development best practices and software testing
- Strong interest in advanced automation technologies, such as Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Document Understanding, Conversational AI, IoT, etc.
- Commitment to continuous learning, which is underpinned by an open mindset and the willingness to share knowledge
- Conscientiousness when it comes to meeting agreed goals and deadlines
- Understanding of standard business processes, common application landscapes, solution architecture and system integration
- Proven ability to communicate effectively with technical as well as business audiences
- Readiness to be challenged, which can also mean stepping outside of your comfort zone

About Incepto

What can be more rewarding for Software Engineers than making a real difference in people's lives? We have seen it over and over again, Robotic Process Automation takes over mundane and repetitive tasks from stressed and overloaded office workers.

At Incepto we are obsessed with automation and we are committed to help humans to become more human at work. The inefficiencies that we see day in and day out drive us crazy and that is why our mission is to help organisations improve their business processes. We use technologies such as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to deliver intelligent automation solutions that will translate into positive business impacts for our customers.

The most advanced technologies alone do not guarantee an organisation's sustained success in the automation race. It is undoubtedly the winning combination of best technology solutions, business knowledge and professional experience that sets Incepto apart.

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