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Test Automation

Striving to reach the elusive 80% test automation rate, but still falling short? You’re not alone. According to GitLab’s 2022 DevSecOps Global Survey, test automation is viewed as the biggest bottleneck in the software delivery process.

Testers face huge obstacles in scaling their testing, like keeping up with the rate of application changes. Or having too many tools or not the right tools to test advanced technologies. And lacking the time to test everything and every iteration. We get it.

This new e-book shares five ways to help your team achieve success in digital testing (and kick your test-automation rate up to 90% or even beyond) with production-grade, low-code automation powered by AI. In addition, you'll learn how to step into the role of a digital tester on your testing team—eliminating repetitive manual tasks, focusing on high-quality, resilient testing, and using AI and machine learning capabilities to enhance automated testing. You’ll also see how you can leverage smart technology to make informed decisions that can help your entire enterprise.

Explore the benefits of production-grade, low-code automation powered by AI and the difference you can make as a digital tester.

And, if you’re ready for a little help, get in touch with us, and we can discuss what Incepto can do for you. Want to find out more about automation, scroll to the end and sign up for our newsletter. Download the e-book here.

Download PDF • 3.53MB


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