Our automation audit elevates your RPA capablity onto the next maturity level. We will look closer at the automation opportunities that have been identified by your subject matter experts during the discovery phase. In close collaboration with your technology teams we will assess feasibility (Can we do this?) of every opportunity. Furthermore, we assess diligently the viability (Should we do this?) by looking at cost profiles and benefit projections. Lastly, we ask whether it is desireable (Do we want this?) to implement the automatino opportunity. We consider also intangible benefits such as quality, strategic alignment and customer experience uplift and listen carefully to business and technology stakeholders before making a judgment. Compliance, Risk and Human Resources cannot be left out of any automation opportunity.

The outcome of our RPA audit will provide you with a detailed and prioritised list of automation opportunities which will equip your delivery teams with the focus needed to prototype or deploy automation solutions that will improve customer experiences and accelerate sustainable growth of your organisation.