The best automation strategy and a beautifully designed operating model are utterly useless if your bots don't work. You wouldn't hire a star-architect to plan and design your house and then hire cheap labour to build it. If you have front-end development needs you probably wouldn't hire a COBOL developer, the same counts for bot development. Incepto's automation developers are handpicked with years of experience.

While many will tell you that developing a bot is a bit of drag-and-drop work that every decent developer can do; at Incepto we will tell you, that's essentially true. But making a bot work in every possible scenario, handling exceptions, logging its activity, alerting if something is wrong, continue to function in changing environments, scaling up and down as needed, meeting security requirements, being included in releases, passing DR and BCP tests, having code that is reusable and all the other considerations are certainly not drag-and-drop activities.

Developing bots is a new discipline within the development community. Not every developer can develop bots, chose your development partner wisely. Incepto offers onshore as well as offshore bot development services, each model comes with its unique advantages and disadvantages. We work with you to determine the best way forward.