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Royston Lobo

Customer Success Engineer

"I have worked and collaborated with Jens in multiple capacities through the MBT and at Suncorp. Jens is a gifted planner and has amassed considerable expertise in delivering extraordinary initiatives. At Suncorp, Jens played a key role in setting up the Automation capability while also shaping the organisational structure that could embrace this new capability. He has changed the way Suncorp operates through his championing of cognitive decision making technology.

Jens has also been an active contributor to the MBT Community. He has persisted through a challenging Masters program and has made a name for himself in organising exceptional events with a volunteer group of community members. I was a firsthand witness of his leadership ability during the 'Turn the Ship Around' event in 2017 which attracted more than 230 attendees at the Maritime museum in Sydney.

Jens is a hugely talented individual who is not afraid to take on a challenge and deliver it with excellence. He continues to reinvent himself and pursue goals that inspire those around him. His entrepreneurial nature is an asset to any progressive organisation and I believe Jens wil continue to deliver successfully in any initiative he undertakes."

Royston Lobo
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