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Provider Assist

Provider Assist


Aged Care


Sydney, Australia


The provider Assists team started with their own RPA processes and robots in 2014. As part of PA’s extensive data application these robots helped to identify and provide financial benchmarking and performance data for PA’s customers.

These robots were in-house build robots that worked well but were hard to maintain and caused issues when outside data connections received a significant upgrade.

At this point, PA faced the challenge of rebuilding these robots and decided to engage Incepto to help develop and implement a new RPA solution based on the UiPath platform.


Starting in 2019 the Incepto team closely partnered with the PA team and ensured an understanding of PA’s strategy while educating key stakeholders on the RPA journey.

Our focus was on helping PA to replace the incumbent two in-house robots managing about 20 business processes, and transitioning these onto the UiPath platform. We focused on small implementation steps with many iterations to ensure that the robots were adequately trained and worked flawlessly, especially when troubleshooting was necessary.

We made sure that we included the PA team all the way and passed on our experience so they could maintain and further improve their RPA solution and processes.


The Incepto team has become an extended part of PA’s team. Throughout this journey, we understood PA’s business model, which enabled us to identify further improvements and RPA use cases for the organisation.

We have successfully implemented features for PA’s RPA solution that enables the team to significantly improve their troubleshooting response times and, at the same time, increase their confidence in the RPA processes with efficiency gains that PA was not achieving before.


“Working with Incepto has been nothing short of outstanding. The team has become an integral part of our PA team and has managed to educate our key business stakeholders along the way.
Whenever we hit a challenge, we could rely on a very proactive response from everyone at Incepto. I highly recommend them to anyone needing assistance with RPA.”

Aaron Tabone, CIO - Provider Assist

Project Team

Andrew Worboys

Jens Pistorius

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