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Given that Quantaco delivers a range of monthly accounting and reporting services, we knew that there was a large potential to automate a number of these services. However, when we first started working with Qantaco, we decided to focus on areas where RPA could help and would have an immediate impact on Quantaco’s business and service delivery. Together with the Quantaco Project Team, it was decided to start with automating the daily manual and very laborious task of downloading account statements for a range of Quantaco's customers across a range of banking services.


After agreeing on the automation area, the project team consisting of Quantaco and Incepto members selected several client accounts from different banks to run a first short pilot project. One of the challenges we had to overcome was the fact that some of the processes and tasks we needed to address had to be tested in a live environment due to the setup of the banking software.
We successfully tested all automation steps with one client account before gradually deploying the bots across all client accounts and moving into a production environment. This enabled us to transfer several very laborious and potentially failure-prone manual tasks into the automation environment and saved Quantaco tens of hours of daily manual workload.


“Incepto did an excellent job of involving every stakeholder in the process while simultaneously challenging us to improve the existing processes as we implemented the solution.
The project was delivered in a very professional, smooth and collaborative manner. We have had weekly project meetings, and the team showcased the progress to the wider Quantaco team combined with thorough testing phases that involved all relevant stakeholders. The Incepto team has been part of our RPA journey from day one, and we have established a very close working relationship. They not only understand RPA and the complexities of automation but have been instrumental in involving our people in a technology that is new to many, helping drive our own creativity.
Incepto spoke our language, and they included every team member in the design, implementation and testing of our RPA solutions. The best feedback any consultant can have is if the business stakeholders come back and appreciate their involvement and openly communicate the solution's benefits.
Thanks to Incepto, we have opened up our operations to explore further automation potential to improve our client services further and developed an automation roadmap across our business.
We would recommend Incepto to anyone requiring help with business process automation.”

“I have had the pleasure of working with Incepto for over a year now. While this is not a long time, its been long enough for me to feel every confidence that Jens’ team is able to advise and execute on all of our RPA needs, and that our customers will be the ultimate beneficiaries of the great work of this agile and highly capable partner.”
(Michael Vamos - Chief Operating Officer)

Project Team

Dinessh Kumar

Andrew Worboys

Jens Pistorius

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